Magnificent Mistakes in Mathematics (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

“A fascinating journey through the history of mathematics, highlighting the great thinkers of all time, from Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Archimedes, through the inventors of calculus, Newton and Leibniz. The authors identify the mistakes of these and other notable mathematicians, and, in a gentle and lighthearted way, lead the reader through an easy-to-follow explanation of the error and the appropriate correction. This book is both informative and entertaining and should make every mathematician, both novice and professional, feel secure with the knowledge that their errors put them in the company of the greatest mathematicians of all time. The magnificence of many of the mistakes can also be seen by the mischief they caused or could cause. This book is a treasure for educators, mathematicians, and those with an interest in mathematics and its history.”

[Daniel Jaye, Chief academic officer and director of Academic Affairs, Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County]

“People who like math, as well as those who struggled with it for years, will be captivated by this book. . . . The authors ask readers to follow them into mathematical areas such as the number pi, the Pythagorean theorem, or other concepts and look for ‘magnificent mistakes.’ . . . It’s a brilliant and entertaining technique for understanding math and the development of theorems. Following [Posamentier and Lehmann’s] popular books on the Fibonacci numbers and pi, this is another fascinating and enjoyable read.”

[Dr. Gerhard Ackermann, Professor and retired president, Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin]


Die Zahl, die aus der Kälte kam (Rudolf Taschner, Hanser Verlag)

Wer Zahlen beherrscht, der hat Macht. Schon Archimedes besiegte die römische Flotte mit Mathematik, heute schlagen Rechenmaschinen den Menschen im Schach und beim Jeopardy. Rudolf Taschner nimmt uns mit auf einen Streifzug durch die Kulturgeschichte der Zahlen. Er erzählt, wie Blaise Pascal schon im 17. Jahrhundert den Computer erfand, wie Isaac Newton mit der Unendlichkeit rechnen lernte, warum Kurt Gödel zugleich an die Allmacht der Zahlen und an Gespenster glaubte – und sich der britische Geheimdienst an der Zahl 007 die Zähne ausbiss. Taschner lüftet dabei die Geheimnisse der Mathematik so spannend, leichtfüßig und unterhaltsam, dass auch Nichteingeweihte ihrem Zauber erliegen müssen.

[Text: Carl Hanser Verlag, München]

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Der Beweis des Jahrhunderts (Masha Gessen, Suhrkamp Verlag)

Masha Gessen begibt sich auf Perelmans Spuren, von seinen Anfängen als Wunderkind im Leningrad der 1970er Jahre bis zu seinem Rückzug. Aus Gesprächen mit ehemaligen Mitschülern, Lehrern und Kollegen entsteht nach und nach das Bild eines Mannes, dessen fast übermenschliche gedankliche Strenge ihn zu mathematischen Höchstleistungen befähigt, aber auch immer stärker von der Welt entfremdet.

Der Beweis des Jahrhunderts ist eine spannende Reise in die Welt der Mathematik. Vor allem aber wird die faszinierende Geschichte eines der größten Genies unserer Zeit erzählt. Eine Geschichte von Triumph und Tragik.

[Text: Suhrkamp Verlag]

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Das lebendige Theorem (Cedric Villani, S. Fischer)

»Der Bericht eines mathematischen Abenteurers und der Roman eines sehr erfolgreichen Forschers. Ein mitreißendes Buch.« [Le Nouvel Observateur]

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The Secrets of Triangles: A Mathematical Journey (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

“An adventure into the awe-inspiring realms of the triangle. [Posamentier and Lehmann] show us that a study of this basic geometric figure reveals a compelling and natural aesthetic beauty, and in so doing they unravel remarkable relationships and mathematical phenomena. The authors provide examples that illustrate the fascination that mathematicians and philosophers have had with the triangle for over two thousand years. . . . Their book forms a worthy and practical adjunct to this inspiring corpus of thought.”

[TOM BREEN, executive chairman, Breen Property Group, Australia]

“This book exposes some of the most amazing relationships involving triangles and their parts. With just some recollection of high-school geometry, the reader will be guided through many surprising triangle relationships that could rekindle for many the beauty of mathematics. Readers will surely find this book entertaining because, through simple language, wonders of geometry emerge.”

[DR. CHARLOTTE K. FRANK, senior vice president, Research and Development, McGraw-Hill Education]

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The Glorious Golden Ratio (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

"The Glorious Golden Ratio is a delight--an inviting and highly accessible exploration of the beauty and enchantment of mathematics, full of intrigue and surprises."

[Matthew Goldstein,  Chancellor, The City University of New York]

"The authors very cleverly present this most ubiquitous mathematical concept—one that demonstrates the true beauty of mathematics— with the intent of motivating the reader to a greater appreciation for mathematics. The book will show the reader the recreational side of mathematics as well!"

[Charlotte K. Frank, Ph.D., SVP, Research and Development, McGraw-Hill Education, The McGraw-Hill Companies]

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The Pythagorean Theorem: The Story of Its Power and Beauty (Alfred S. Posamentier, Prometheus Books)

"Not only is this book a very valuable resource for mathematics teachers, but it is also a book that can convince the general public that there is genuine beauty in mathematics.  Perhaps this book will help bring 'converts' to mathematics!"

[Dr. Anton Dobart, director general, Austrian Ministry for Education, Art and Culture]


Mathematical Amazements and Surprises: Fascinating Figures and Noteworthy Numbers (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

"An enchanting adventure, Mathematical Amazements and Surpriseswill delight and inform the general reader. You need not be a mathematical scholar to savor the surprises and entertaining insights that this engaging and illuminating book has to offer.  Everyone will enjoy reading this book!"

[HERBERT A. HAUPTMAN, Nobel Laureate]

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The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

"This is a wonderful introduction...You may end up amazed and incredulous..."

[LEON M. LEDERMAN, Nobel Laureate]

"It is absolutely amazing how this series of numbers, harmlessly stumbled upon 800 years ago, is found in so many fields outside of mathematics. This book introduces the Fibonacci numbers in a highly intelligible fashion - first their history, and then exhibiting their incredible numerical, geometric and algebraic relationships. All this is done with the general readership in mind. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience the power and beauty of mathematics."

[STANLEY H. KAPLAN, Founder of the Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center]


Pi: A Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number (Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann, Prometheus Books)

"This delightful book reveals an incredibly interesting history of the development of our knowledge of this ubiquitous number in mathematics. . . . I recommend this book to anyone who remembers ever hearing about Pi!"

[Stanley H. Kaplan, Founder of the Kaplan Test Preparation and Admission Programs]

“. . . Read this book and enjoy the journey through the mysteries of pi. Give it to your students and you will have aroused their appreciation of the many wonders of mathematics."

[Alice F. Artzt, Professor of Mathematics Education, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Secondary Mathematics Education, Queens College of the City University of New York]

“. . . The history of pi and the attempts to fully understand what it represents makes for amusing, interesting and enjoyable reading."

[Dr. Stephen Krulik, Professor of Mathematics Education, Temple University]

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Math Charmers: Tantalizing Tidbits for the Mind (Alfred S. Posamentier, Prometheus Books)

“Designed as a combat to math phobias, this guide tells how to make math intriguing and fun.”

[The Bookwatch Midwest Book Review library newsletter]

"I love this book. I made the mistake of starting to read it late one evening, only to find I could not put it down. It is as engrossing and as exciting as a good mystery. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for a book about mathematics."

[Arthur Levine, President, Teachers College, Columbia University]

"Dr. Posamentier has spent a lifetime making the subject of mathematics come to life for students and their teachers. This book is another fine tribute to the work that is possible when a brilliant mind is led by a wonderful heart. How lucky we are to add this new work to an outstanding life of achievement."

[Merryl H. Tisch, Member, New York State Board of Regents]

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